Metabolic efficiency can improve all areas of health and wellness, perhaps the most noticeable benefit is weight loss. If you struggle to control your weight or not seeing results from typical diet and exercise, our Weight Loss Package is the solution you need! By analyzing your metabolic performance, creating custom meal plans and implementing best breathing and movement practices, you can achieve your goal weight quickly and safely.

Our Weight Loss Package includes:

  • Initial & Follow-up Resting Metabolic Test
  • Initial & Follow-up Pulse Ox Testing
  • Initial & Follow-up Active Metabolic Testing
  • Daily caloric needs and macronutrient breakdown
  • Personalized exercise heart rate zones and descriptions (including your optimal fat burning zone)
  • Testing determines Metabolic Efficiency Point
  • 6 x 30 minute coaching sessions with Metabolic Health Coach or Sparks Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (face to face, phone or via video conference) over 2 months
  • Sparks Metabolic Meal Planning for 1 month
  • Pulse Oximeter for measuring daily Oxygen Saturation
  • Breathing Protocols


Weight Loss Package: $1,399