About Us

What is your why? Why do you wake up in the morning? What do you live for? Maybe it’s something ambitious, like training for an endurance athletic event. Or maybe it’s simply to have enough energy to play with your grandkids. Whatever your “why” is in life, here at Sparks Systems, we can provide you with the “how.”

Three Pillar Approach to Wellness

Sparks Systems is a health and performance coaching service that utilizes a science-backed, metabolic approach – which targets optimal metabolic efficiency – to developing individualized wellness plans customized to your unique needs. Our wellness strategies focus on optimizing metabolic efficiency and enhancing quality of life through our Three Pillars of Health:

Sparks Systems - Nutrition


Sparks Systems - Movement


Sparks Systems - Breathing


We believe that by eating the right foods, staying active and using breath control, anyone can become more metabolically efficient, and in turn, increase energy, reduce stress & anxiety and improve overall health and longevity. So, how do we do this? Through advanced metabolic testing, we take a different approach to a healthy lifestyle that is proven to help people of all physical ability achieve their health goals.

Leaders in Metabolic Wellness

We offer many wellness services that go beyond the “one size fits all” model to health. As leaders in metabolic health, our state-of-the-art Metabolic Efficiency Tests provide insight to your body’s unique chemical makeup.

Our team of metabolic health coaches, Registered Dieticians, and physiologists analyze your test data to create tailored wellness Programs and Services that address any nutritional, physical or mental deficiencies that may be holding you back. From day one you will be expertly guided on your road to becoming more metabolically efficient!

No matter if you are just starting your health journey or striving for peak performance, Sparks Systems can help you achieve your wellness and performance goals!