Sparks Systems

Metabolic Health Coaching

Price: $350/month (min. three months)

Sparks Systems Metabolic Health Coaching analyzes your Metabolic Testing* results to better understand your body’s unique physical properties and assess how you best respond to daily nutrition and movement. Using this data, our MHCs apply a progressive approach to your health and wellness program to promote sustainable results.

Sparks Systems
Sparks Systems

Metabolic Meal Plans

Price: $150

Are you looking for healthy meals to prepare for you and your family?  The Sparks Systems Nutrition Team has a tool box full of meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks. We have templates for those needing a basic Keto, Paleo and Metabolic Efficiency meal plans. You will receive an 8 week meal plan with calorie ranges from 1,000 up to 4,000.

Sparks Systems
Sparks Systems

Meal Prep Delivery Plan

Price: As low as $10

If you want to make sure your nutritional needs are met exactly to your specifications, or you simply don’t have time to plan meals with your metabolism in mind, utilizing a trusted meal prep company provides a hassle-free way to get you started on the right foot.

Sparks Systems
Sparks Systems

Sparks Nutrition Testing

Price: $299 + the costs associated with the nutrition tests

Sparks Systems provides a variety of Nutrition Testing to determine what foods work best for your body.

Sparks Systems

Sparks Nutrition Enhancements

Sparks Grocery Tours

Price: $150 for a 1 hour grocery store tour

Feeling overwhelmed with what to get at the grocery store that is healthy yet satisfying? The Sparks Systems Metabolic Health Coaches are here to help! They can walk you through the store and provide tips on choosing the right foods for your specific meal plan. Let us make the journey to eating healthier a fun and stress free process.

Metabolic Meal Planning

Price: $250 for 3 months

Sparks Systems Metabolic Meal Planning provides clients with one-on-one nutritional guidance lead by our Registered Dieticians and Metabolic Health Coaches. By analyzing your metabolic data, lifestyle and personal preferences, they work closely with you to create fully customized meal plans specifically to meet your personal health goals!