“I am extremely happy with the testing and nutrition program the Sparks Systems team provided for me to reach my goals. When I started my goal was to lose 12 pounds - in just three months I lost 15 pounds! I’ve lost the weight where I wanted to lose it. I’m sure it’s the combination of the new meal plan, going to Pilates at least 3 times a week and walking. I’m sleeping better and I feel amazing!”

- Marsha Byus
Marsha Byus Before and After

“Most of my life I weighed 185 lbs. I’m a very active person, with 26 years spent in martial arts, playing and coaching hockey and a passion for hiking mountains all over the world.

Then after 40, I started experiencing health issues related to years of intense activity, from ruptured Achilles tendon and repair, four reconstructive surgeries for ruptured patella tendons and a broken knee cap, two boxer shoulder surgeries and many months in physical therapy. At the age of 56 I was diagnosed with T1 high-grade bladder cancer, resulting in three operations and 18 months of chemotherapy. To top it off, I was also diagnosed with spondylosis and suffered disc herniations.

My weight crept up to 238 lbs. I was working out five days a week but couldn’t stop the waist size and visceral fat increases. Nothing I did worked. Even after my last trek to Everest basecamp, I was still well above my goal weight.

Then I met Anna and her team at Sparks Systems! June 2018 to August of 2018 was a miraculous time. Following the metabolism reset and wellness program they outlined for me I lost 15 lbs in just two months. More important than the number on the scales, my visceral fat is below the threshold, and I have lost inches off my chest, stomach and waist. My energy is back. My exercise routines are more efficient. I am becoming slimmer by the day!

I plan on getting to 190 lbs before my upcoming trip to Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet this fall. Thanks to Anna and her team, I’ve learned it’s all about eating for my metabolism, and I know I’ll have no problem reaching this goal.

Thank you, Anna and Sparks Systems!”

- Paul Fayad
Paul - Before and After

“At the beginning of last summer I was riding 20 to 25 hours a week and was gaining weight. Frustrated and confused I reached out to Anna and explained my goals. She immediately knew what I was doing wrong and was extremely excited to help. “After doing the VO2 and metabolic testing, the Sparks team worked closely with me to teach me how to eat, perform, recover and to reduce body fat. Basically it was how to manage my macro levels preemptively and in response to my training. Over the last 6 months I dropped from 185 to 160 pounds.

Weight loss is great, but my goals were to be the best athlete I could be. In December I won the 2018 Para Cycling Pursuit Nationals Championship and set a massive PR in the Kilo Time Trial. My next event is trials for Team USA's World Championship roster. Without the help and continued support of Sparks Systems these goals would not be possible. Thank you for being a huge part of my success!”

- Jason Macom
Jason - Before and After

“The metabolic testing I received from Sparks Systems was literally life changing. It gave me the information and tools necessary to make substantial and sustaining changes in my performance as an endurance cyclist as well as my overall health and wellness.

I can't imagine not knowing what I now know and have learned through working with Sparks Systems. Whether you are a regular Joe or a highly trained athlete these systems and processes help you achieve your absolute best. It is so impressive how finely tuned and individually tailored these test results are.

Every time I test it is like a fingerprint, just for me, and how my body is doing in that moment. With that data and the help and counseling from Sparks Systems, I can then make intentional choices to improve my health, fitness, mental clarity and more - all of which is tracked and measured.

I love testing and I love retesting even more. With every retest I get to see the progress that Sparks Systems predicted I would make and what they helped me achieve. Simply incredible and unmatched!”

- Ben Dodge, Esq., Endurance/Ultra Cyclist
Ben Dodge Before and After