“"As I turn 50 next year, I needed to do something different. My goal was to be my healthiest self at 50. I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try Sparks Systems - I liked that it was science based, real data!! After only one week of only changing my eating, I feel AMAZING! The world looks brighter and I have consistent energy.

What amazes me is my lack of need to mindlessly snack and how intuitive eating is so much easier with my new eating habits. It was time to reintroduce some "no foods" and I felt so great that I did not want to "break" anything. If this first week feels this amazing, I can't wait for what the next five weeks will bring with Sparks Systems. I feel supported and that I will turn 50 and be my healthiest self."”

- Charlene Saltz

““I have been a Type 1 Diabetic (insulin dependent) for the last 24 years. Diagnosed at 13, now 37, I have always had a pretty good handle on my diabetes. I have what doctors call “well-controlled” diabetes. I have always exercised regularly and maintained a healthy weight. I was always told that I was doing well, and thought I was, until I met Anna at Sparks Systems. I was referred to her by friends in the mountain biking community for improving my fitness on a bike, not for managing diabetes. I thought I had that part pretty much under control. I met with Anna to discuss my diet thinking, “This can't hurt, but I know what I’m doing. After all my doctor says I’m doing great, and I’m not overweight.”

Anna initially asked me to write down everything I ate for a week and when we met we would discuss. When we met I was immediately surprised that Anna was not telling me what a good job I did. I never thought I ate bad. I did not have fast food (much) or eat sweets except for every once in a while. When I ate french fries I would not eat all of them, or when I had a sandwich I would take half the bread off. Anna looked at me and told me there was a lot of room for improvement!

During our initial discussions I told Anna that I was happy with where my blood sugar was on average and that to improve it would be very difficult. At that time, I was not even sure how to do it without disrupting my life to a point I was not sure I was willing to go, but I was up for the challenge.

I immediately knew the biggest challenge I would have was finding healthier food in an easily accessible way. I don't like to cook and between a 4-year old and a busy work life, I don’t have time to prepare fancy lunches each day. Anna was able to tell me quick and easy items I could just grab and go, as well as where to find and buy healthy pre-made meals. I quickly found that eating this way was cheaper than eating out at the sandwich shops I used to go to. Another area I told Anna I would struggle with was my 2 IPA a day habit. Thankfully I can substitute a glass of red wine or some whiskey on the rocks. (I still have the occasional beer). Sparks Systems showed me what to eat, what to buy at the grocery store and made the transition much easier than if left on my own. Without this guidance I’m sure I would have not had the results I have today.

I followed her suggestions and started eating to the Sparks Systems plan and it has changed my life! I have changed my eating habits quite drastically. I feel better overall with less afternoon crashes. I have also lost the few extra pounds I thought was just normal to have at my age. Best of all my blood sugar is more tightly controlled with less variable in highs and lows. I use less insulin than ever before and my blood sugar averages are in the range where initially I did not think was realistic.

If I never had worked with Sparks Systems I would have gone through my life thinking I was doing good enough, when I could have been doing much much better and living a healthier life.””

- Daniel Archer

“"August 4, 2019 I had my metabolic testing done. My scores were not good. Brandon told me the results show I am at risk for heart attack, stroke, diabetes and a number of other problems. He showed me the test result and I was so surprised to see my numbers compared to other women my age. It was not good. The interesting part of this day was that I left there feeling hopeful. Even though I had received all of this bad information, Brandon told me that I can change it and that gave me hope.

Brandon gave me simple instructions using 3 words; Nutrition – I am to start with one handful of protein and two of a vegetable; Exercise – I’m only supposed to walk 20 minutes 5 times a week, that’s very doable considering I haven’t exercised in years; Breathe – using the breathing techniques he taught me; It’s that simple!

August 10 is a day I will never forget. Just 6 days after I had my metabolic testing done I had a TIA (mini stroke). At first I thought the testing was a little too late. But then I realized it was just in time. My doctors told me I need to make some changes and they were the same things Brandon had said. Change the way I eat, practice breathing techniques and start exercising.

I started using the apps Brandon started me with on my phone. I tracked everything I ate and I wasn’t sure why my numbers were so off. I needed help. I had cut out sugar, pasta, bread and anything else I knew was a carb, yet my scores were all off kilter. I talked with Brandon and he gave me some suggestions based on his review of my daily food intake. He has access to the data on my app so he was able to review it without my taking time out of my busy day.

Week 2 was better. I began to use the handouts Brandon gave me as a guide to nutrition. Since I am new at clean eating, Brandon took me shopping to help me understand what I need to look for in in food labels. I learned so much from that visit to the store that I find myself reading labels on everything. I am down 11 pounds in just 16 days. I am on my way to a healthy way of living and eating. There is hope!””

- Lisa Hinson

““I’m gonna make you fast ” Anna from Sparks Systems said confidently after listening to my Dirty Kanza and Leadville goals for the year. She knew I could race the distances, but I needed to do it faster to compete at the next level.

After analyzing where I was metabolically and nutritionally, she had me training smarter in a heart rate zone that forced my body to adapt to these increased demands.

Her gradual plan gave me a new confidence that I could sustain this faster speed for longer. Anna was right, I got a lot faster! Now, if I can just keep the rubber side down!"”

- Steve Pascoe

“"Definitely love having no high and low sugar spikes. Definitely feel different. I can’t believe how I feel so much less bloated. It's like I didn't realize I could feel this good being adjusted to feeling drowsy/sluggish at times before. Loving my new way of eating thanks to Sparks Systems!"”

- Robin Gusinde

“I was referred to Anna and her team about six weeks ago. I went in for metabolic testing and spent some time with her discussing my health goals. The past six weeks have been amazing. I’ve lost 15 pounds and feel great.

Anna has provided information and tools that have been extremely helpful. More importantly she has taught me what to focus on and how to be more aware of the lifestyle choices I’ve been making.

I am looking forward to the next phase of the program and seeing just how fit I can get. I would recommend the Sparks Systems to anyone who wants to perform at a higher level or simply wants to improve their overall health.”

- Scott Schwartz, CFP® Principal Bleakley Financial Group

“I came to Anna and Sparks Systems for guidance on performing better on the bike, as I have always believed riding my bike and staying active was the answer to living a long healthy life.

I quickly realized Sparks Metabolic Efficiency Program was providing me with more daily living benefits than just riding a bike. I began experiencing more sustained energy throughout the day and my mental acuity during work meetings was sharp and no more of the dreaded brain fog.

My sleep was improved and I now feel equipped with the tools to make the best nutritional decisions even when traveling for work. But the best part about Sparks Systems is they know how to "keep a healthy person, healthy" by creating nutrition, exercise and stress management plans to provide metabolic balance. I would highly recommend Sparks Systems to anyone seeking guidance in optimizing health.”

- Paul Hunt, PetSmart Senior Vice President Product Development & Sourcing

“I am a triathlete by heart, but being a busy mom with two little ones and old nagging injuries, I have found juggling three sports brings added stress to my life. Since training with Sparks Systems, I have been able to learn to find joy in training. Taking my strongest link and love for cycling to new terrain gives me freedom and unclutters my mind, while being stronger than I have ever been on the bike. Sparks Systems metabolic meal planning has also changed my carb-minded approach to training on and off the bike. Now I eat train, rather than training to eat and it is indeed freedom!”

- Julie Gorman, Triathlete

“Working with Anna and the Sparks Systems team for more than a year has been an absolute game changer for me. Between helping perfect and adjust my nutrition based on my metabolic test results and the customized training plan provided by Taylor Lideen, Sparks Systems Performance Coach, my performance has improved dramatically! I have consistently placed top 3 in National Enduro events this season and I’m excited to continue to improve through the help of Sparks Systems.”

- Stefanie McDaniel, Sparks Systems Athlete

“As an ultra runner, running coach and personal trainer, I know how much my daily nutrition can affect my weight and performance. I turned to Anna with Sparks Systems for a little guidance.

When I met her, I already had some knowledge on what metabolic efficiency means. However, I was eager to learn more and decided to try out the Sparks Systems metabolic testing.

The data their team collected from my resting and active metabolic tests has been a huge aha moment for me. I found out how my body metabolizes and what I needed to do to make it more efficient.

I also started working with a Sparks Systems Metabolic Health Coach. I’m getting monthly coaching for my performance and nutrition and I can utilize their meal plans. I’m almost done with this portion and can’t wait to see my results.

While I was not trying to lose weight during this process, I ended up losing a few pounds. This was a big surprise since I’m not in my peak training mode and don’t exercise the way I normally do.

What I enjoy most about this journey with Sparks Systems is how much I’m learning and the motivation it brings. My body feels like a well-oiled machine and I can't wait to start training for my next race to see how it affects me.

Thank You Anna & the Sparks Systems Team!”

- Coach Lisa, The Running University

“Highly recommend working with Sparks Systems to improve your fitness and overall health.

I first enlisted the help of Anna Sparks as my cycling coach to work with me to improve my Tour of Scottsdale 70 Mile event time. I got into competitive events late in life, but in 2009 and 2011, I had a pace of 3 hours 45 minutes or 18.8 mph. My goal in 2012 was to go 20 mph or about 3:15.

In just 4-5 months with Anna’s coaching, I finished in 2:53, which had far exceeded my expectations! Of course it meant 100 plus mile rides in July Phoenix heat and four laps charging up “9 Mile Hill”, (may be some lingering mental scares) tough, but worth it.

I had a long time goal of finishing the Leadville 100 MTB race, so I signed up for the Sparks Systems Metabolic testing and nutrition coaching as soon as I received notice of entry.

I worked with Metabolic Health Coach Jennifer Camoriano and quickly found she addressed more than nutrition for the event, but life changing for my future meal planning. In addition, her program actually increased my metabolism, I did not think that was possible and I dropped 20 pounds. She addressed other factors, sleep, stress reduction, blood glucose levels and other influences and changes to improve my physical and mental wellbeing for life.

I recommend that you find an athletic goal, work with Sparks Systems and it can change your life for the better.”

- Ward Simpson

“In a word "Awesome!" or "Wow!"

Before my visit, and as my first half Ironman was approaching, I had concerns with injuring myself. My muscles often ached, felt tight and I felt tired, and when feeling tired I think I was more prone to making mistakes that could cause injury.

Now my workouts feel safe and I find myself looking forward to the next. I also feel energized and have a feeling of surplus energy after each workout. I have been enjoying the foods that are on the menus that Jennifer Camoriano (Sparks Systems Metabolic Health Coach) has created for me and I notice that my feelings of hunger always seem to be satisfied. With my new food choices, if I feel hungry I eat and I think that I have great choices to snack on.

Before seeing the Sparks Systems team, I had hit a plateau in my weight-loss goal. It had been hovering right at 164-165 (I started at 179) and I could not seem to get past that. I was taking a recommended fat-burning stack that included, yohimbe, green tea extract and caffeine. I was working out 18-22 hours a week and I also ate a weight loss diet that focused on calories and carbs. I felt hungry, weak and tired.

After my testing with Sparks Systems, I implemented the training zones and macronutrient intakes that were shared with me. On March 25, I weighed 164, by April 30 I weighed 155 and on the day of my first half Ironman, May 12, I weighed 153. Currently I weigh 155 and I feel great. I no longer take any supplements and just enjoy my new food choices.

I was curious how working out in my prescribed training zones, which felt way too easy, would translate into the kind of performance I would like to have for the race and because of Jennifer -- her coaching, her mentoring -- I trusted the process and learned to train smarter and not harder. I finished the race with a smile on my face and I remember thinking at the finish line, as hard as I thought it would be, it was more fun that I imagined!

I have been talking to several people about what I have learned and what I have been doing. I have created strong interest with a few of those people and now they are seeking metabolic testing. I told them if they experience the same luck as I had trying to find someone local, and want results, that there is always Sparks Systems in Arizona.

I also mention that what Sparks Systems offers is not just for the young or for the elite athletes, it’s an opportunity for everyone to create the kind of healthy life a person wants to live. I will be 67 on July 23 and crossing the finish line of a healthy life is my goal.

I tell them we only have one life, one body and neither comes with a warranty so we better take care of them both. Looking forward to the possibilities -- Thank You Jennifer and Anna!

- M. Guy Santiago (Currently training for my second half Ironman on Sept. 29 in Augusta)

“My career racing bikes spans more than 40 years. I have participated in big races across the country and took the title of State champ six times as well as stood on the podium many times at the National Championships.

In spite of all that experience and success, I knew I was ready for a change. My weight had crept up over the last few years and I was facing the onset of health problems that come with age and poor dietary choices.

Lucky for me, I was introduced to Anna Sparks and her Sparks Systems program by my team director. With her guidance, I lost 20 lbs. in four months and now have sustained energy all day, rarely feel hungry and have been transformed as a bike rider/racer.

Thanks to the Sparks Systems training plan, my efficiency on the bike has seen a huge improvement. My friends often comment on how well I'm riding and how great I look. This is all thanks to Anna and the Sparks Systems team!”

- Tom Gates

“I am extremely happy with the testing and nutrition program the Sparks Systems team provided for me to reach my goals. When I started my goal was to lose 12 pounds - in just three months I lost 15 pounds! I’ve lost the weight where I wanted to lose it. I’m sure it’s the combination of the new meal plan, going to Pilates at least 3 times a week and walking. I’m sleeping better and I feel amazing!”

- Marsha Byus

“Most of my life I weighed 185 lbs. I’m a very active person, with 26 years spent in martial arts, playing and coaching hockey and a passion for hiking mountains all over the world.

Then after 40, I started experiencing health issues related to years of intense activity, from ruptured Achilles tendon and repair, four reconstructive surgeries for ruptured patella tendons and a broken knee cap, two boxer shoulder surgeries and many months in physical therapy. At the age of 56 I was diagnosed with T1 high-grade bladder cancer, resulting in three operations and 18 months of chemotherapy. To top it off, I was also diagnosed with spondylosis and suffered disc herniations.

My weight crept up to 238 lbs. I was working out five days a week but couldn’t stop the waist size and visceral fat increases. Nothing I did worked. Even after my last trek to Everest basecamp, I was still well above my goal weight.

Then I met Anna and her team at Sparks Systems! June 2018 to August of 2018 was a miraculous time. Following the metabolism reset and wellness program they outlined for me I lost 15 lbs in just two months. More important than the number on the scales, my visceral fat is below the threshold, and I have lost inches off my chest, stomach and waist. My energy is back. My exercise routines are more efficient. I am becoming slimmer by the day!

I plan on getting to 190 lbs before my upcoming trip to Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet this fall. Thanks to Anna and her team, I’ve learned it’s all about eating for my metabolism, and I know I’ll have no problem reaching this goal.

Thank you, Anna and Sparks Systems!”

- Paul Fayad

“At the beginning of last summer I was riding 20 to 25 hours a week and was gaining weight. Frustrated and confused I reached out to Anna and explained my goals. She immediately knew what I was doing wrong and was extremely excited to help. “After doing the VO2 and metabolic testing, the Sparks team worked closely with me to teach me how to eat, perform, recover and to reduce body fat. Basically it was how to manage my macro levels preemptively and in response to my training. Over the last 6 months I dropped from 185 to 160 pounds.

Weight loss is great, but my goals were to be the best athlete I could be. In December I won the 2018 Para Cycling Pursuit Nationals Championship and set a massive PR in the Kilo Time Trial. My next event is trials for Team USA's World Championship roster. Without the help and continued support of Sparks Systems these goals would not be possible. Thank you for being a huge part of my success!”

- Jason Macom

“The metabolic testing I received from Sparks Systems was literally life changing. It gave me the information and tools necessary to make substantial and sustaining changes in my performance as an endurance cyclist as well as my overall health and wellness.

I can't imagine not knowing what I now know and have learned through working with Sparks Systems. Whether you are a regular Joe or a highly trained athlete these systems and processes help you achieve your absolute best. It is so impressive how finely tuned and individually tailored these test results are.

Every time I test it is like a fingerprint, just for me, and how my body is doing in that moment. With that data and the help and counseling from Sparks Systems, I can then make intentional choices to improve my health, fitness, mental clarity and more - all of which is tracked and measured.

I love testing and I love retesting even more. With every retest I get to see the progress that Sparks Systems predicted I would make and what they helped me achieve. Simply incredible and unmatched!”

- Ben Dodge, Esq., Endurance/Ultra Cyclist