What is Your Sparks Score?

At Sparks Systems, we provide baseline and continuous metabolic analytics that are easy to understand through our unique and confidential Sparks Score method.

Based on your individual metabolic efficiency data from both resting and active tests, we use your Sparks Score to determine benchmarks, track improvements and progress, and evaluate your body’s responses towards achieving metabolic efficiency. Since each Sparks Score is calculated against your own data, there is no comparison or “one size fits all” approach to finding out what is working best for YOU, no matter if you are an athlete in training who needs more carbs, or simply looking to incorporate lifestyle changes to become more metabolically efficient.

Sparks Score

Why is Sparks Score important?

Using Sparks Score to measure client success provides a new standard for measuring and reaching personal wellness goals. An individual’s Sparks Score will give us insight to how your body is responding to various Sparks Metabolic Tests, Coaching & Nutrition Services, allowing for easy adjustments to better reach metabolic efficiency and becoming the best version of yourself.

Understanding your Sparks Score

A Sparks Systems Metabolic Health Coach will analyze your data and review your Sparks Score during your one-on-one consultations. While a Sparks Score will hold different meanings to different individuals, the ultimate goal is for all of our clients to achieve their highest Sparks Score possible.

A higher Sparks Score means:

  • Increased metabolic efficiency
  • Reduced dependence on carbohydrates for energy
  • Optimization of blood sugar levels
  • Decreased risk of disease and reliance on medications
  • Improved sleep and mental acuity
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Support longevity and vitality
Sparks Score

How can I improve my Sparks Score?

Start your metabolic wellness journey and find out your Sparks Score by booking a Metabolic Efficiency Test, Coaching or Nutrition Service today!

Your Sparks Metabolic Health Coach will work with you to provide and analyze your Sparks Score, both as a starting point and as an on-going indicator of progress. Using this data, we develop customized interventions to improve Sparks Scores with a focus on our Three Pillars of Health: Nutrition, Movement and Breathing. These Three Pillars of Health are the focus of all our Sparks Systems services and are essential to becoming more metabolically efficient, and in turn, increase energy, reduce stress & anxiety and improve overall health!