Targeted Area of Wellness

Sparks Premium Coaching Package

Price: $500/month

Sparks Premium Coaching is offered exclusively by the owner of Sparks Systems, Anna Sparks.  Anna analyses your metabolic health and performance goals to design a program uniquely for you.

By taking a science-based approach to health and performance, Anna will retrain your metabolism to become more efficient at utilizing internal fat stores and preserving carbohydrates.  Becoming metabolically efficient is the key to optimal performance, increased energy on a day-to-day basis, and overall health and longevity.

Targeted Area of Wellness

Standard Metabolic Efficiency Package

Price: $399

This package provides all the baseline metabolic data you need to apply personalized nutrition, movement, breathing and lifestyle strategies to achieve your goals. This package is perfect for anyone looking to remove all the guesswork by having their metabolism measured. Remember, if you can measure it, you can make it better.

Targeted Area of Wellness
Targeted Area of Wellness

Premium Metabolic Efficiency Package

Price: $1,299

Upgrade to our Premium Metabolic Efficiency Package, which includes everything our Standard package offers with the addition of a customized Sparks Systems Meal Plan. Each meal plan is tailored for metabolic efficiency to the calorie level. Plus we provide grocery lists and each recipe has ingredients, directions, and nutrition information. This package is also very beneficial for those battling diabetes, people looking to lose weight, new and expecting moms.

Targeted Area of Wellness

Sparks Performer Package

Price: $1,399

Whether you are training for your first marathon, looking to improve your gym routine or upping your mental game in the office or boardroom, all of life’s big events come with their own training agendas. Our Sparks Performer Package is designed for Executives, Fitness Enthusiasts, and Athletes who want to enhance their physical and mental performance and reach new personal records through targeted metabolic wellness interventions. From event prep to day-of protocol, the Sparks Performer Package will take you to the finish line.

Sparks Systems - Executive Performance

Sparks Enhancements

Sparks VO2 Max Test

Price: $250

VO2 Max Testing provides insight to your overall cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance. It’s the standard for determining an individual’s physiological makeup as the more oxygen consumed by muscles during physical activity, the more energy that individual is able to produce. Having a higher VO2 max rate is directly correlated to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. If your ability to consume and utilize oxygen is low, then it could mean your heart and lungs (cardiopulmonary system) are not working well together, thus putting you at a greater risk for chronic disease.

Sparks Performance Coaching

Price: $300/month (min. three months)

At Sparks Systems, our quality over quantity approach to performance coaching helps eliminate frustrations from training plateaus, or by those who are not seeing results from “one size fits all” types of diets and exercise. Utilizing Sparks Systems metabolic testing, Sparks Performance Coaching provides individualized wellness plans that address your specific inefficiencies in both exercise and nutrition to help you achieve your performance goals. No matter if you’re an elite or novice athlete, or just beginning your wellness journey, our coaches are available by phone, email and text to keep you on track.