Is our weight a choice we make? If we choose to be overweight how do we accomplish it, and what comes with it? What is the normal weight condition of a healthy human? How does a human accomplish the goal of maintaining a normal weight, and what comes with it? If a human has chosen over their lifetime to be overweight, can they change their mind, and achieve normal weight levels? These are simple questions that actually have answers.

Even if we accept the theory that some people may have a genetic predisposition to be overweight, to gain weight requires consuming more calories than we burn, over an extended period of time. At any time from infancy to later ages, we can put on weight by eating more than we need to sustain a normal weight. Many humans choose to do this, and often have a catalog of reasons too long to discuss here.

The choice to be overweight brings with it many physical, health and cost problems, and rarely does it bring any benefits. We have all noticed overweight people having limitations to exercise normally throughout the span of their lifetime. Overweight status brings health issues like cardiovascular disease, inflammation of joints and tissues and cancer, among others. Overweightness brings immediate and long-term costs not usually associated with being human, particularly when metabolic syndromes like Type II Diabetes become part of life.

If someone wants to avoid being overweight, or during one’s life to reduce their overweight condition, are there efficient ways to accomplish normal weight? This is a conscious decision that requires simple education about nutrition. Using body composition and evaluating the right number of calories, and the sources of those calories, makes targeting weight management simple. New, inexpensive testing is available to ensure that the correct combinations and amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fat are consumed. Depending on activity levels, even less nutrition will be necessary.

The cost of eating properly seems to be high, because fresh, unprocessed food becomes the primary nutrition for normal weight maintenance, or reduction from overweight status. However, the savings achieved by not becoming a diabetic or having to live with other life-long disease, off-sets those costs and ends up saving the person money… as well as reducing the potential for disease shortened, unhealthy life.

Our weight is a choice we make. Normal body weight is relatively easy to accomplish and maintain. It is normal to actually reduce our costs of living by maintaining a healthy weight and life-style.

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