Sparks Premium Metabolic Health Coaching is designed for those in need of getting their health in control, especially if faced with common but chronic ailments like diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Our premium package is provided exclusively by Sparks Metabolic Health Coach Registered Dieticians, and is highly recommended for individuals striving to improve or reverse prediabetes, are overweight, have hyperlipidemia, hypertension, kidney or renal disease, GERD, autoimmune disease, or metabolic syndrome and inefficiencies.

Premium Metabolic Health Coaching Package includes:

  • Analyze and interpret metabolic testing results*
  • Initial assessment to identify readiness, discuss goals and develop plan
  • Weekly 45-minute phone or video conferencing consultations
  • Ongoing personalized email communication with your coach with guaranteed 24-hour response time
  • Weekly educational emails

PRICE: $750/month (min. three months)

*Basic Metabolic Efficiency Test package required before starting Sparks Premium Metabolic Coaching (not included in price)

PLEASE NOTE: This package may require that you submit blood work results to your MHC-RD for review prior to starting.

Some insurance plans may cover nutrition services. However, every plan is different so make sure to review your benefits. Sparks MHC-RD will provide a fully coded “superbill” for you to submit directly to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. Please note, virtual nutrition services (via phone or video) are NOT covered by insurance.