Sparks Premium Coaching is offered exclusively by the owner of Sparks Systems, Anna Sparks. Anna analyzes your metabolic health and performance goals to design a program uniquely for you. By taking a science-based approach to health and performance, Anna will retrain your metabolism to become more efficient at utilizing internal fat stores and preserving carbohydrates. Becoming metabolically efficient is the key to optimal performance, increased energy on a day-to-day basis, and overall health and longevity.

Sparks Premium Coaching Package includes:

  • Analyze and interpret initial metabolic testing results*
  • Initial assessment to identify readiness, discuss goals and develop yearly plan
  • Provide daily training and nutrition strategies
  • Customize weekly training plan and data file analysis
  • Weekly educational emails
  • Weekly communication via phone, video, email and/or text message
  • Premium Training Peaks account to monitor training
  • Advanced Metabolic Testing every three months (initial baseline metabolic assessment is not included)
  • Optional meal prep company set-up and oversight (additional cost)

PRICE STARTS AT: $750/month (min. three months)

*Basic Metabolic Efficiency Test package required before starting Sparks Premium Performance Coaching (not included in price)